In about 10 knots of breeze, the top of the mast falls to leeward about a foot. It is probably not an exaggeration to say that he knows as much about cored construction as any boatbuilder around. His balsa-cored hulls are known for being light and strong. Salon, Fore & Aft Cabins; teak interior joinery & furniture, stain varnished Galley & Head areas; teak trim joinery & furniture w/ stain varnish & w/ White Formica & Gelcoat panel sections interior finishes, "Herreschoff-style" Gebrauchte Segelboot Nonsuch 30 Ultra. The waterline and beam of the Nonsuch 30 are about the same as that of a modern 36 foot cruiser-racer, and that beam is carried quite a bit further forward. NONSUCH - late 1900s custom sail boat conceived, designed, commissioned, owned, and named after the above historic sail boat . Nonsuch Interiors. Because of the pronounced deckhouse camber, headroom there decreases rapidly as you move outboard. Because there is no rigging to hold the mast in the boat should she capsize, alternative means must be found. Without question Pumpkin is the best sailing of them all. Technisches Datenblatt für Segelyachten im Angebot. Noank, Connecticut, United States. She is a fin keeled, spade ruddered boat with an unstayed wishbone cat rig. 1988 Nonsuch 30 Ultra Designed by Mark Ellis and built by Hinterhoeller Marine, the Nonsuch Ultra is known for comfort, ease of handling, and simplicity of her rig. It was a Nonsuch 30, and as it passed them, they saw “a little old lady by herself in the cockpit,” tucked within a full enclosure. I have only seen a Nonsuch 26 (and I am assuming that it was a 26 only because it was smaller than the more common 30''s) on a limited number of occations. This is not surprising considering the amount of boat that has somehow been slipped into an LOA of less than 31′. This can be a little disconcerting to those used to a fairly rigid stayed mast. the Hudson's Bay Company or commonly now The Bay. A beam of nearly 12 feet and cambered house-top created a large interior with accommodation equal to a standard yacht several feet longer. Home; Marketplace ; Nonsuch 26(s) & 260(s) for sale; Nonsuch 26(s) & 260(s) for sale. Since the boat is already plumbed for propane, installation of this heater is straightforward. Nonsuch 30 Ultra for sale in USVI U.S. Virgin Islands. This could happen—it had happened on the boat we sailed—if the upper rudder retaining nut is loose, allowing the rudder to drop down slightly. It is not particularly comfortable, and without four inch or thicker cockpit cushions it is impossible for a person of average height to see forward over the cabin. Despite her billing we do not consider her an offshore cruiser with her standard cockpit arrangement. She is a relatively simple, easily sailed boat for the convivial sailor who doesn’t mind being seen in what many might consider an oddball boat with an oddball interior and an oddball rig, The more you look at it, the less oddball it seems. While no chainplates are required, substantial bulkheading is required in the area of the mast to absorb the considerable forces generated by the unstayed mast. MAST HEIGHT: 53’ ENGINE: Universal Diesel M-35 30 hp 1059 hours 3 blade H5-416 self-pitching “Auto Prop” INTERIOR: The forward mast opens up the interior to … The person who learns to sail on a Nonsuch 30 will receive a rude awakening when switching to a more athletic boat—which means almost any other 30 foot sailboat. The Nonsuch 30 is a coastal cruiser. Nonsuch Mansion is a Georgian Gem set in stunning manicured grounds. Production of the Nonsuch line ceased in 1989. This slightly odd 30-footer, with its wishbone rig and catboat looks, is easily sailed and comfortable. Beating up a narrow channel simply requires repeating the above process. Without the complication of wind we found her easy to back down into a slip once a sharp burst of throttle was given to activate the folding prop with which our test boat was equipped. The galley has a gimballed propane stove with oven, a well-insulated icebox with (hurrah!) A sealant such as 3M 5200 provides equivalent sealant properties with greater structural properties, and we prefer its use in hull-to-deck joints. The sail’s draft will shift, changing its efficiency. The NONSUCH 33 has a (2) Stateroom interior layout w/ (2) large double berths, one for each cabin, fore & aft. An unusual option was a demand propane-fired hot water heater. The aluminum mast is quite flexible, allowing the top of the mast to fall off as the wind increases. Suchen Sie Boot Anzeigen in United States. Easily sailed single or shorthanded and has the interior … When closed, the door and partition divide the boat into two large compartments for sleeping, with reasonable separation between them. La Reina 26C. It does greatly reduce the cost of sails, spars, and rigging. Both hull and deck of the Nonsuch 30 are balsa cored. Find out more. Sailboat and sailing yacht searchable database with more than 8,000 sailboats from around the world including sailboat photos and drawings. Then again, no sailmaker will ever have a second mortgage on your boat, either. Since defects are usually obvious, anchors is one category of gear in which “what you see is what you get.” Certainly, there are counterfeits and home-welded one-offs that you’ll want to avoid, but the fakes and do-it-yourself anchors are usually easy to distinguish.

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