Anyone Mirror. This Card Deck lands in the exclusive category as only 1,000 decks were produced. Welcome To HOPC! Here at Vanishing Inc. The original Green-foiled version was given as a token of gift to the patrons whose meal cost $100 or more. Green Rarebit playing cards were exclusively made for patrons of The Rarebit Restaurant and Lounge located in Charleston, South Carolina. Cards have become part of their treasured possessions. Number Produced: 1,000. The deck itself has the same back design as the tuck but comes in a yellowish-green pallet. The difficulty of finding these decks is rated from 1 (easiest to find) to 5 (most difficult to find). 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon (some sizes/colors) Marshall Mcluhan Creates Philosophical ‘Distant Early Warning' < Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. United States Playing Card Company … Hoyle's shell back design is well-recognized, but Hoyle's most iconic figure is its Joker: a co This deck was produced by Theory11, which customized and patterned face cards, courts, and Jokers as per the logo of Rarebit Restaurant. Pasteboards for magicians to do card magic. Tycoon Playing Cards Red & Blue Edition 995. Due to high demand, the card deck was sold at a premium on eBay. The first deck of Encarded Signature series, Zenith is famous for its dramatic re-imagination of classic playing card decks. £44.99 . Market Price- $425 starting auction price. £38.99 . Find out here! The deck features hot stamped Gold foil on all 52 cards, printed on 330gsm French casino stock. Here’s What Players Say About Junglee Rummy, 5 Games to Play with Your Partner in the Week of Love, 3 Ways to Make Your Partner Let You Play Rummy Online, 5 Entrepreneurial Skills You Can Learn Playing Online Rummy. A curated selection of the finest playing cards in the world. Customer satisfaction is our greatest priority and we pride ourselves with quick responses to your questions and lightning fast shipping speeds. Jackson Wild’s “Kings Wild Project” has been responsible for some … Meet Sharad Patil from Latur, a mechanical engineer by profession.…, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Some of the best rare playing cards in the world have an important history behind them, and this deck involves a most excellent story: Back in 2014, Microsoft has just finished hosting some of the most talented interns in the world, and – as was custom – wanted to send them off with a bang (and hopefully convince the best to come work for the company in 2015). Home; NOCs; Shop All Decks; Bundles; Hard NOCs; Shop By Collection additional or companion deck for the Draw like a Boss Kickstarter campaign. RARE MOONPHASES PLAYING CARD DECK SEALED LIMITED EDITION 2018 KICKSTARTER MAGIC. Hoyle was originally produced by the Brown & Bigelow Company in 1927 as a direct competitor to USPCC's Bicycle. Those who are superstitious prefer to use playing cards only from their collection. Scarlett Tally-Ho Playing Cards. Shooters Card Co Exceeds 250% Funding Goal on Kickstarter, Kickstarter: AREA 51 Playing Cards by 3rd Dominion, TEMPO Playing Cards Series on Kickstarter, Alex Pandrea Respond to House of Playing Cards' Mystery Brick Controversy. With a large sample size (perhaps 100 decks), perhaps you'd find 2 decks that are within 5 cards, but even then, I'd doubt it, just because of the combinatorics. The Unbranded Reserve Note Playing Card Deck came out as the part of the Federal 52 Part II, which was a follow-up to the Original Federal 52 campaign. Zenith is bejeweled with intricately detailed holographic silver foil. They relish collecting unique and impeccably designed decks of cards. A deck of card that screams “bling-bling,” Idea International … It reflects the personality of the illustrious card designer Lee McKenzie. You guessed it: blue. The campaign consisted of a total of 6 decks- The Silver Certificate, The White Reserve Note and the Black Reserve Note (branded and unbranded versions). printed it keeping their highest standard possible. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about rare playing cards? USSR Vintage Playing Cards "Officer", Deck of Playing Cards Soviet Army Military Uniform, Collectible Playing Cards Rare Playing Cards EndorStoreVintageUA. Idea International Gold Deck of Cards. The most popular color? USP– It comes with a beautiful matte black tuck box that highlights the intricate foil line design. Winter NOCs - Survival Green (Metallic - 1,000 Printed) Sold Out. It all changed when pioneer Brad Christian flipped that design on it's head. There are 2470 rare playing cards for sale on Etsy, and they cost $31.66 on average. It features a two-panel diptych of George Washington crossing Delaware as well as the black card backs which come along with a trimming of bright red foil. Seller 99.8% positive. How to Tell If You Are Playing Rummy with a Bot, 5 Common Aspects of Best Online Rummy Sites. Everything is hand-drawn, be it pips, faces or courts. Manufacturer: Encarded (printed by the Expert Playing Card Company) Designer: Paul Carpenter.… Junglee Rummy blog is providing rummy promotions, rummy game enhanced features and new strategies to improve your rummy game which helps to improve your cognitive skills. Well you're in luck, because here they come. The deck features a double seal Split Spades, which became the reason for its rampant popularity. From shop EndorStoreVintageUA. ACELION Waterproof Playing Cards, Flexible Plastic Playing Cards, Deck of Cards for Gifts and Game … USP– Only 200 decks of the Scarlett Tally-Ho were produced, and thus it has become a task to get hold of them. Expert Playing Card Company produced extremely rare and prodigious Microsoft David Blaine Playing Cards. As compared to other decks, only the Unbranded Black Reserve Note gained popularity among card collectors. The cards proved such a success that Brown & Bigelow's card division was renamed Hoyle Products in 1975. The ace of spades in most reasonably priced vintage playing cards generally contains this printed information: The name of the manufacturer of the deck of cards. The deck features a gold foil hot-stamped on each of the 52 cards. $9.97 $ 9. Each … The concept of Theory11’s Bicycle Centurion inspired the design of these cards. Blue Blood is an inimitable and highly coveted deck of cards that features hand-drawn illustrations by the popular artists Linnea Gits and Peter Dunham. Let’s Find Out! Codes that may be traced through the manufacturer to determine the date of printing. USP– Each card of the Empire is completely customized and comes with bold and strong imagery. Grand Prairie, Texas 75050 This card deck established Lee Mckenzie as an incredibly passionate designer with an inspiring vision. By double-inverting colors of the playing card back and front in Photoshop, he unearthed the now famous Bicycle “Black Tiger” card deck … Let us know your opinion in the comments below. Here’s What Made Sharad Patil Fall in Love with Junglee Rummy. It is the first deck in Uusi’s spectacular six-deck series printed by United States Playing Card Company. Playing Cards, you can find all sorts of different decks of cards. This project reached its goal of $10,000 in just 18 hours and doubled its funding within a month! Empire. This article will go over the pros and cons of collecting cards and the best ways to display your collections. Every once in a while – and, when I’m busy, much more frequently than that – a reader sends me an e-mail describing an old deck of playing cards, and asking how much the deck is worth. It has been a passion of mine for many years, and I am still spending time growing my collection. 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,935. This shop is for collectors of decks of cards, magicians and cardistry lovers . Kings and Crooks’ Empire is regarded as the breakout deck on Kickstarter. For them, a deck is much more than just 4 suits of 13 cards and 1 tuck. Always one step ahead of Inspector Cl... Now on Patreon! 97. USP– Unlike the Branded Reserve Note Playing Card Deck, The Unbranded one is more coveted and exquisitely designed. The finest selection of playing cards at Deckita Decks Sort by Anyone. It comes with a sequential number seal (xxxx/1000) under the cellophane. Browse our beautiful collection of curated decks and buy them online now. The bold gold and dark red palette add more depth to the look and feel of the card. Very little is known about them, but as per the sources, they were given to Microsoft Interns who were present when David Blaine performed in a Microsoft-sponsored function in 2015. For generations, people have been meeting on a daily or weekly basis to keep the tradition of playing cards alive. USP– The paucity of Red Fontaine made it expensive and famous among card collectors. The custom of playing cards seems to be ubiquitous. The Pink Panther first tiptoed his way onto the big screen to Henry Mancini’s jazzy beat back in 1964. Some features to look for in antique playing cards Peak Playing Cards each come with an illustration of one of Colorado's 53 14ers (mountains that are at least 14,000 feet above sea level). Overall, though, there are much more rare decks in circulation. This time, the theme is based on the secret U.S. Air Force mi... It’s always a good sign when a designer’s work can be recognized without his name on it. So I'd say the odds at highest would be 1 in 3500 of getting two decks within 5 cards, but probably I'd say it's even less likely than that. Collecting Playing Cards and Card Decks. In stock now. Also, the deck comes in a limited gold edition featuring gilded edges. United Playing Cards Company printed them with their air cushion and finished on a bicycle grade card stock. Paul Carpenter was the architect of this intellectual creation. There are models that are no longer manufactured or sold and that only lovers of exclusive will appreciate. It requires a lot of obsession and effort to find them. The Venexiana Gold playing card is a one-of-a-kind, luxury deck of playing cards showcasing stunning works of Lotrek. Free Shipping above $200 - U.S. Orders. Anyone. Only about 1100 White Centurions Playing Cards were produced. The Fontaine Cards X Pink Panther Collab Deck Releases Today! 0. Issue #45 of Kardify Magazine Now on Patreon! Shop now - Rare. It has become awfully challenging to find these cards. Today I'm reviewing the super rare VIP Tour edition Skull & Bones Playing cards by David Blaine, designed by Jackson Robinson. USP– Zenith comes in a unique sideways opening tuck box. It brought back archetypal themes like the black and white deck design, the central circular medallion motif, and the borderless design. Enduring the love for card games, there still remain a great percentage of players who are avid collectors of cards. Seller 100% positive. Rare examples of really cool playing cards were mostly based around the trusted Bicycle design. Win 50 Rare and Collectable Decks of Cards By Andi & Josh - Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Introducing the newest development for Vanishing Inc. Magic: a playing card division that specialises in creating and offering the very best quality and deck designs. Blaine-Microsoft. Every card collector’s dream, the Venexiana Gold playing card displays the unique and spectacular work of Lotrek. Due to its impressive design, it immediately got the funding. The look and feel of physical cards reconnects them with the old charm of the game. was an incredible and fully custom deck. Are you the Bernie Sanders of rummy? All the Venexiana faces are also made with metallic gold ink and come gracefully packed in a stunning gold-foiled accented tuck case. Kings and Crooks’ Empire is regarded as the breakout deck on Kickstarter. So, if you are looking forward to adding some exquisite decks to your stash, here is a list of most rare and expensive decks of all time. LEARN A TRICK I CREATED HERE: YO! Every single card is customized like courts have two gold metallic ink accents on the face, and the back has a gold metallic ink accent presented in a bold and intricate design. The Dead Man's Deck "Unharmed" Playing Cards Cartamundi Regular price $15.99 ... theory11's second deck of premium playing cards, designed by WA007 and released in the spring of 2008. It is a premium quality deck- both rare and exclusive. The interior of the tuck has a lattice pattern to give it an edgy look. You know the look, the style and it just clicks ... Top 12: Rare Playing Card Decks to add to your Collection, These very hard to find deck was produced by. Custom and replica playing cards with a vintage or distressed look. Cards for cardists to demonstrate their amazing cardistry skills. USP– Stock of only 2500 decks was printed, and it immediately got sold out during the campaign. Profound Playing Cards. Browse our beautiful collection of curated decks and buy them online now. USP– It is a fully custom deck of cards. Collecting playing cards can be a very rewarding hobby. Each deck is a piece of art and sometimes even has a history behind its creation. Analyzing the data above, it can be aptly said that the playing card market is still strong all over the world. If given a chance, will you ever buy any of these élite card decks? $30.95. Red Dot. $30.00 + shipping. Visit our Playing Cards Retail Store! Placing a monetary value on an old deck of playing cards is exactly like placing a … All of our decks are handled with care and stored in a secure, climate-controlled warehouse. We offer rare and designer playing cards for magic, cardistry, and poker. Blue Blood is hard to obtain as it is available in a limited quantity of 2500. Fontaine Cards. White Centurions by Bicycle 495. USP– Gold Venexiana is known for being one of the most luxe decks of playing cards. They've never been released outside of a limited window and our remaining supply of the original print is dwindling. Issue #45 of Kardify Magazine in both EPUB and PDF format! Do you think they are worth investing such a big amount of money? Even the box is elegant and is created with a thick matte black paper. Medieval Playing Cards with Unique Seal and Free Card Game eBook, Stand Out with Cool Poker Cards, Black Deck of Playing Cards, Unique Illustrated Designs for Kids & Adults, Playing Card Decks. Are You a Born Rummy Player? Launched by Zach Mueller, Red Fontaine first came out as a crowdfunding project under Indiegogo in 2013. For years we have collected thousands of decks and we have decided to make them available to everyone . Even though the White Centurions Playing Cards were very much like the original (only with the inverted and more chic appeal), they still grabbed the attention of fans from all over the world, who invested in this treasured piece of art. USP– Only 2,015 decks of Microsoft David Blaine Playing Cards were produced. It comes in a deep red tuck case, which is embellished with gold foil accents. Online Rummy games have brought revolutionary changes in the way Rummy is played and perceived. Mathematically, of the three decks you mentioned, the White Centurions are by far the most rare, with only about 1,100 being printed in total thus far. The place where the cards were manufactured. 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 reviews $ 19.90. Welcome to our rare and hard to find playing cards shop. It is printed on 3300gsm French casino card stock, and only 212 decks were produced. Patrons who pledged $3 or more will be able to download the lates... From the Dutch Card House Company , comes Shooter f/1.2, a set of playing cards combining the passions for professional photography and clea... Another interesting deck from 3rd Dominion currently funding on Kickstarter . We offer rare and designer playing cards for magic, cardistry, and poker. It earned significant recognition and ended up as a huge success. $25.00 The world's finest RARE playing cards. 202 N. Great Southwest Pkwy. USP– Limited quantity made White Centurions Playing Cards popular all over the world. The Scarlett Tally-Ho is produced by Jackson Robinson of Kings Wild Project and is named after his daughter Scarlett. Decks for playing card collectors. Playing Cards 52 card deck LOT (9) casino decks - RARE- FREE SHIP. In 2013, The Boss Deck Playing Card was created as an It We sell designer and limited edition playing cards for magic, cardistry, poker, and collecting. Elegant - and extremely limited. Chris Kenner’s 1-on-1 effect blueprint added an edge to this deck, and after the show, many card collectors expressed interest in acquiring this deck. Competitive prices, fast shipping, and great customer service. $200.00 previous price $200.00 + shipping. The most common rare playing cards material is metal. They first appeared in Chris Kenner’s 1-on-1 effect blueprint. Today I wanted to open some rare decks, so here we go! 2 Decks ARRCO Blue Red Playing Cards New Rare USPCC Limited Edition. Or Are you one of those who would rather play online Rummy games and invest this money in playing instead of buying card decks? The custom seal adds another exclusive element to the tuck box. The Venexiana faces are printed with metallic gold ink on all cards and neatly packaged into a stunning Gold foiled accented tuck case. Decks for magicians, cardiststs, card players, and collectors.

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